Smash the Myths!


Smash the Myths!

2019 kicks off in great fashion with the weather being un-seasonally mild for the UK, some great Golf on the TV and oh yes lots of new drivers hitting the market ready for the 2019 season, and a great win for Justin Rose.

A lot of people ask me about hardware and very often the buzz word of ‘Smash Factor’ will come up and what is this mystical thing?  So I will try and answer as simply as possible.

Your ‘Smash Factor’ is basically how efficiently you transfer your club-head speed into ball speed by the quality of your ‘strike’ and this gives you a ratio, a number…

So your club-head speed is 100mph and your ball speed is 150mph your Smash Factor is 1.50

120mph club-head speed, ball speed 180mph your smash factor is still 1.50

Different speeds, same result

Achieving 1.50 would put you in the same league as the top 80+ on the USPGA Tour Smash Factor league!

Actually achieving a figure over 1.35 is pretty good for most Amateurs as normally your strike is not as good and typically you play more loft on your driver, as you increase the loft on a club the smash factor decreases so don’t be disappointed if your numbers on a 3 wood fitting is not as high as your driver.

Taking a quick look back at the year to date ‘Smash Factor’ leader-board on the USPGA website shows four players tied for the head with an average Driver smash factor of 1.512, the quartet includes Dustin Johnson and Bubba Watson, Jason Day a fantastic striker of the ball is snapping on their heels on 1.511.  So currently after the Farmers Insurance tournament the top 83 players on the smash factor leaderboard have an average of 1.50 or better.

So remember it’s not just about power, it’s about the quality of your ball striking and having a lesson with a PGA Professional is going to help you improve your fundamentals and therefore your swing and strike.

And if you are in the Clubhouse and someone is telling you that their Smash Factor is 1.56 with a 3 wood, buy them a drink as they are a golfing god, or their equipment is either wonky or illegal! 

After all, Jordan Spieth only manages an average of 1.506 and he is pretty damn close to being one!